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We are your One-Stop Shop for iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Cell Phone Repair and Computer Repair. We are committed to repairing your device as quickly as possible. 

 At QuickFix Phone Repairs, we specialize in Cell Phone Repair and iPhone Screen Repair and we understand the important role that our Cell Phones play in our everyday life.

We can handle everything from a broken screen on an iPhone X to a faulty battery on a Samsung Galaxy S20 to everything in between. If you are experiencing a problem with your device, give us a call today to schedule your appointment.



We understand the important role that our Smart Phones, iPads, Tablets and Bluetooth devices play in our everyday life and know the devastating feeling once damaged or broken. QuickFix Phone Repairs is here to help when your device is damaged.

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Book Your Repair

All Repairs come with a Performance Warranty. 

Our Worry-Free Warranty ensures that you will be satisfied with our repair. 

Contact us today and let our experienced team handle your device!

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