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Mail-In Your Device

QuickFix offers Mail-in Services for iPhone Repair, Cell Phone Repair, iPad Repair and Some Computer Repairs for those of you who are not able to bring your device to our location. If you are outside our service area then this option can still help you through our Mail-in Device Repair Service.

We can attend to all your device repair needs!

Send in your device worry-free, we offer Free Diagnostics! QuickFix makes it very easy to get your device diagnosed, repaired and back to you in no time!

How's it Work?

1. Fill out the order form below and we'll contact you with our address.

2. Once we receive your device, we'll diagnose it and call, text or e-mail you with a quote.

3. We'll perform the necessary repair services upon your approval.

4. We'll text or email you our invoice for payment.

5. Once the payment is complete, we'll ship your device back with a tracking number.

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