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Best Way To Handle Water Damaged iPhones!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Accidentally dropping your phone into the pool, getting caught out in the rain, or any other type of water-based disasters can be a real problem when it comes to your phone's functioning.

Good News! There are some solutions available to fixing your phone that could work depending on your situation.

Turn Off Phone Immediately!

(Electricity and water are not friends)

If the phone was substantially dunked in water then you need to remove it from the water, power it down, and take it apart. This is very important because water could further damage the phone if you don’t. To help prevent further damage, take the battery out and dry it.

Okay let’s begin...

1. It’s good to start with a clean drying towel and to hold up the phone to let the water leak out of it first.

2. Dry with Compressed Air.

Keep in mind that anything you can do to speed up the drying up process is going to be a big help! Every minute it stays wet is a minute where something can go wrong. Compressed air from a can like what you’d use to clear out dust from your computer, can be safely used to help dry.

DO NOT use a hair dryer or anything else that uses heat because this could damage the phone all by itself. Instead, hold your phone parts level next to the compressed air, and really give it some air. Make sure you don’t tip it too much because this can often cause the compressed air to leak. The ultimate goal is to evaporate the water in your phone, and in the battery and cover, as quick as you can!

The Rice Trick

The idea with this one is that your phone may not be working because moisture got into the device or battery and it’s preventing it from functioning. So if we put a pile of raw rice on top of it, then the hope is that the dry rice will soak up the moisture.

So, if moisture was the problem, you can replace the battery in the phone and it will function again, thus solving the problem. If it doesn’t, you may have to try something else, of course.

There are also professional options for drying out the phone too, including special materials that are designed specifically for that purpose.

Professional phone techs may have their own options as well. For more information about how to repair your phone in a number of different situations, you should contact us today!

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